WEEKLY DOSE💊 Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall Resigns, The Latest Coronavirus Updates In North Texas, Dallas Comedy In The Age Of Covid And More.
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WEEKLY DOSE🎙️ Someone Really Made A Rap Song About John Wiley Price, Cops Cheering With Glee On Scanner Amid Earlier Dallas Protests And More.
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WEEKLY DOSE⚡ Shelley Luther Is Running For Office Because Of Course She Is, Power Trip Vocalist Riley Gale Is Dead At 35 And More...
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WEEKLY DOSE🧐 Our Cliffsnotes On DPD's Final Protest After-Action Report, A List Of 95 Black-Owned Businesses To Support In Dallas And Much More!
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WEEKLY DOSE🎸 How To Save Our Stages In North Texas, A List Of Black-Owned Food Trucks In Dallas, Hockey Is Finally Back And Much More!
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WEEKLY DOSE 👻 Amidst... Everything, Where Is Jerry Jones? We Break Down Dallas' Most Prominent Police Brutality Protest Chants And Much More!
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WEEKLY DOSE 🏀 Three Questions About The Mavericks' Return, Coughing Irving Song Request Lady & Much More!
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WEEKLY DOSE 🦟 Now We Get To Deal With West Nile Again Too, Dallas County Schools Won't Open Until At Least Labor Day & Much More!
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WEEKLY DOSE 🏆  Announcing The Deep Ellum 100 Grant Recipients, The Organizations Behind Dallas’ Police Brutality Protests & Much More!
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WEEKLY DOSE🤔 Questions Of Cultural Appropriation In Dallas' Thriving Asian Food Scene, Dallas DJs' Give Us Their Favorite Protest Songs & Much More.
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WEEKLY DOSE 🇺🇸🎆 What's Up With Fireworks In Dallas This Fourth Of July, Ken Paxton Is Still An Asshat, Dallas Karens Are Going Viral & Much More.
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WEEKLY DOSE 💥 Dallas' 60-Foot Confederate Statue Is Coming Down, Leon Bridges Releases A New Song In Protest Of Racial Injustice & Much More.
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WEEKLY DOSE 🍖 Q&A With Dallas City Councilman Adam Bazaldua, 9 Black-Owned Barbecue Restaurants in Dallas & So Much More.
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WEEKLY DOSE 👊 A List Of Protests Happening In Dallas, 5 Ways To Upcycle Tear Gas Canisters Littering Your Neighborhood & More.
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WEEKLY DOSE 🖤 A Look At Some Of The Police Brutality Protests In Dallas, DPD Using DART Buses To Round Up Protesters & More.
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WEEKLY DOSE🍷 A Running List Of Permanent Dallas Business Closures, Post Malone Is Launching His Own Rosé Line, New Music From Local Artists & More.
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WEEKLY DOSE💊 Q&A With U.S. Rep. Colin Allred, Announcing The Deep Ellum 100, Remembering Veteran Dallas Bluesman Lucky Peterson And Much More.
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WEEKLY DOSE⚡City Columnist Jim Schutze Is Out At The Dallas Observer, Erykah Badu Should Be The New Voice Of Big Tex & Marc Rebillet Is Going On Tour.
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WEEKLY DOSE:🔇 Ignore The Governor: Keep Staying The Fuck Home, Michael Rapaport Beefs With A Fort Worth Bar And A Q&A With Mavericks' Jalen Brunson.
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WEEKLY DOSE🧐 Where Is Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, The 15 Most Essential Episodes Of King Of The Hill, New Local Music Releases & So Much More.
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