Please bear with us whilst we're busier than normal Rozanne
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Security Watch: Apple releases emergency software upgrade
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There's still time Rozanne!
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Calling all iPhone users!
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👋 Welcome to zobi waiting list!
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Find out what's in store for ****** with zobi 🤓
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Preparing for your Hedgehog
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Which of these worry you Rozanne?
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What's the dark web? Tell us to win £50 Amazon voucher
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Can you help us Rozanne?
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An update on your pre-order Rozanne
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An apology from Hedgehog
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We're hiring, can you help Rozanne?
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We're going live this week Rozanne!
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You asked and we listened, Rozanne new features and bundles.
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Today Zobi hit a milestone Rozanne!
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An important update from our CEO and Founder Rozanne
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You could be a movie star Rozanne!
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[Limited offer] You are eligible Rozanne! 🎁
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